The Ecosa Mattress Vs. The Milford Mattress


The Ecosa Mattress is one of the NZ's most popular mattress in a box options. How does it weigh up next to the Flatpack's premium mattress in a box - the Milford?

The Ecosa Mattress vs The Flatpack's Milford Mattress 

Comparing the Ecosa Mattress with the Milford Mattress. New Zealand’s mattress industry is receiving a large refresh. Warehouse-style stores filled with hyperactive salespeople waiting to ambush you are about to be a thing of the past. Times are changing. Over the past few years, we’ve seen an influx of ‘bed-in-a-box’ players worldwide, improving the way people buy mattresses, and virtually eliminating the need to visit bed shops. The bed in a box vs traditional mattress comparison is starting to skew as customers can order similar or higher quality mattresses online and have them delivered to their home in days - offering unbeatable convenience to traditional retail models.
If you’re anything like us, and about to spend upwards of $700 on a new mattress, you’ve probably done your research. New Zealand has multiple mattress-in-a-box retailers including Ecosa, Winkl & us here at The Flatpack Co. With multiple brands in the market, we thought we’d write an honest comparison to see how our popular NZ mattress in a box options, the Milford Mattress stacks up against the Ecosa mattress.



Mattress Internal elements

As a traditional mattress-in-a-box retailer, the Ecosa mattress is a foam-based mattress with multiple firmness settings. Feeling like a softer sleep? Simply change the order of the layers by unzipping the side and the mattress becomes less firm. As we’ve just mentioned, this is an honest comparison and we think that this is pretty cool! Rather than designing another foam mattress, our Plush Mattress is a 5-zoned pocket spring mattress. In our opinion, springs provide a greater support layer than a foam-based alternative. Although we’re not able to adjust the firmness of the Plush Mattress, it does provide great support and is of medium firmness. 
Pocket springs within the Plush Mattress also help create airflow throughout the mattress, which helps avoid overheating during the night. The Ecosa mattress does have pin core holes which also generate airflow but at a smaller scale, due to the size of the holes vs that of the air inside a pocket spring within the Milford Mattress.

Mattress Materials

The Ecosa Mattress is a three-layer mattress made from memory foam and open-cell polyurethane foam, which are dependable materials that have been around for a long time. The mattress cover is also waterproof which comes in very handy for spills, accidents, and big scary dreams…(also very cool if you tend to wet the bed). 
As mentioned above, the Milford mattress is in fact a 5-zoned pocket spring mattress. This is then topped with CertiPUR-US certified high-density foam and finished with a layer of plush memory foam. The mattress cover is made of hypoallergenic materials and is OEKO-TEX STANDARD100 certified. What are these big fancy certifications? They simply mean the foam and fabric materials do not have harmful substances and are therefore harmless to human health. We think that’s pretty important!

Mattress Comfort

When it comes to comfort, Ecosa and The Flatpack have taken two different approaches. The Ecosa mattress has interchangeable layers for those who want to change the firmness of their mattress.
The Flatpack has opted to design a universal firmness that meets the sleeping preferences of most New Zealand sleepers - around 5/10 on the firmness scale.
One of the biggest contributors to poor sleep is the person beside you tossing and turning all night. The Ecosa mattress is springless to isolate and greatly reduce partner disturbance. Our Plush mattress has an independent coil system, where each spring sits in its own pocket, also greatly reducing partner disturbance. The Ecosa Mattress and Flatpack’s Milford mattress both achieve the same outcome of minimal partner disturbance, ensuring everyone gets a better night's sleep. When it comes to comfort, with the Ecosa and Flatpack Mattress are high performers. 



Mattress Breathability & Cooling

Ecosa and Flatpack have designed different mattresses both with breathability and cooling properties. Being a foam-based mattress, Ecosa has naturally less breathability due to minimal airflow between the foam. They have tried to mitigate this by including gel particles which help cool down the foam and eventually, the sleeper. Although foam has many great properties, it lacks breathability & can often lead to overheating.
Flatpack’s Plush mattress is a pocket spring mattress that has great breathability and cooling due to the large air pockets throughout the spring layer. This keeps the sleeper cool throughout the whole night and avoids the common overheating problem. We honestly believe a spring-based mattress helps keep sleepers much cooler (having spent many nights on both options). 

Mattress Trial Period & Shipping

Both Ecosa and Flatpack offer a 100 night sleep trial. If at any time after 100 nights you decide to return the mattress, both Ecosa and Flatpack will pick it up and provide a full refund, then donate the mattress to charity. 
Both companies also offer free shipping and returns on products nationwide. 

Mattress Pricing

The Ecosa mattress is 25cm thick and retails at $1,000 for a king single through to $1400 for a king. By comparison, the Milford Mattress by Flatpack is 30cm thick and starts at $869 for a king single through to $1,099 for a king. 
If you’re on a reasonably strict budget but are still looking for a great (and cool) night’s sleep, then the Milford Mattress is for you. However, if you’d like the ability to adjust firmnesses and are willing to spend an additional few hundred dollars for that, the Ecosa mattress is for you. 
Both companies offer ZIP, Afterpay, Humm, and Laybuy to offer finance, which means you can own the mattress right away and pay later.

So… Which mattress is better?

So, which mattress comes out on top? The Ecosa Mattress or the Milford Mattress? Well, it depends. Do you want a cooler, fresher night's sleep or would you prefer the ability to adjust the firmness of your mattress? Compare each mattress side by side below.

If you’re looking for a cooler night's sleep and you’re on a budget, then the answer is the Milford Mattress from Flatpack. If you’d like the ability to adjust the firmness of your new mattress, then Ecosa is for you! 
Here at The Flatpack, we’re New Zealand owned and operated. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, quick and convenient delivery and a great product. We're run by two young kiwis who are dedicated to bringing this whole country a better night's sleep. We offer everyday affordable prices and don’t believe in ongoing ‘flash sales’. If you’re looking for affordable quality any day of the week, you can count on The Flatpack Co. 


Ecosa vs. The Milford Mattress - You have the final say!