Make Your Bedroom Pop

What is that one space you can truly call your own?

The one space you wake up in every morning, and come home to every single night.

Ahhh yes, your bedroom.

So really, time spent making the most out of your bedroom is time spent making the most out of your life… one little adjustment at a time.

Creating a beautiful space for yourself can seem costly and impossible if your room just doesn’t naturally POP.

We’re here to tell you it is indeed possible… with whatever room you have been dealt. Although getting a s*** tonne of house plants is a great start, we have some other creative hacks for you…


1. Reflection, and why it's important

Because the only space you can truly call your own is your bedroom, you want to make it feel as big as possible… and having a big mirror in your bedroom creates this illusion! We also know it reflects the care you’ve put into your space and makes your room feel more polished.

Oh and we couldn’t leave this one out… Spice up your sex life! Couples often find a large mirror in the bedroom increases the sexual energy, watching the sexual act seems stimulting for a lot of people! t#iykyk. Sooo between this, the tonne of selfie opportunities and chances to see how great you look, it seems like having a mirror in your room is an absolute no brainer.


2. You should be livin’ in Linen

Flax linen duvet cover, pillow slips and euro pillow covers are essential in taking your bedroom to the next level. Your bed is the center point of your room so spending time and a little bit of money in this area is always worth it.

The great thing about linen is it only gets better over time! The more you use and wash it, the softer and more comfortable it gets. The even better thing about linen, is it’s actually good for you too; it’s anti-static, antibacterial, and naturally regulates temperature. So, it completely elevates your room aesthetic, gets better over time and is good for you… where do I sign?



3. The rule of threes

This is one of those things that once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee it… so continue reading at your own discretion! Have you ever noticed there are exactly three little pigs, three billy goats gruff, three blind mice or goldilocks and the three bears. This is no weird coincidence, and it’s the same science that goes into writing stories as it is to create a living space with visual depth and satisfaction. In saying all of this, some things are just best left in twos, such as relationships…

It’s pretty simple, the human brain finds items arranged in odd numbers more appealing, memorable and effective… and three seems to be the magic number (although 5, 7, and 9 works nicely as well).

Why is this the case? Well there are two main reasons; firstly, three is the smallest number that can be used to form a distinguishable pattern in our heads. And secondly, when we look at items arranged in odd numbers, it forces our eyes to move around creating a more engaged visual experience.



4. The privacy curtain hack

This is actually a massive hack, so buckle in.
Pinterest is full of dreamy bedrooms and living spaces, and one of the most common things in all these photos are those ‘see-through curtains’ we all know and love. Which at first glance, you would assume are really expensive… and we did too! And then we did some digging. Turns out you can buy them from The Warehouse for $24, and easily install them yourself! This new discovery is absolutely essential to making your room pop.



5. Despite the name, why you should always include an 'occasional chair'

When we buy furniture for our bedroom, everyone's list of priorities looks something like; bed, drawers and wardrobe… but why in every home style magazine or pinterest photo do we see a chair sitting adjacent in the corner? Is this an aethic worth chasing? And is there something actually functional about having a chair in your bedroom?

An occasional chair acts as a subconscious nod to maturity and intellect. All the hard work goes into the linen, mirror, curtains and rule of threes. But think of an occasional chair as the ribbon on a present, it has a level of functionality but also ties everything together at a higher level.

Apart from a new location to scroll TikTok, is there any functionality to an occasional chair? Well.. yes, after this whole work from home thing came about, living rooms have also become shared during the day, so having a quiet place to sit alone and read a book or listen to some music is actually quite therapeutic in our busy lives.



So there you have it, five easy ways to really make your bedroom pop! Now go out and make it happen! …you’ll thank yourself later!