The Problem With Second Hand Beds

- Explained -

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Let us guess, you've come across a second hand bed on TradeMe/FB Marketplace and it looks like a steal. Stop right there! We see students fall into this trap all the time. Before purchasing a second hand bed, ask yourself these few questions (or watch the video above and let us explain);


- Do you have a car & trailer available to pick up the bed?


- Do you want to be sleeping in a bed that's been slept on (also f*cked & vomited on) by 10+ students before you?

- Will it fit up the stairs in your new flat?


- If you're organising one in Oct/Nov (i.e. buying one off a grad student), do you have somewhere to store it over summer? NOTE: Landlords won’t allow you to store anything in next years flat until your tenancy lease begins (which is generally the 1st January).

- Do you actually want to go through this admin? All for what? A dusty second hand bed...