It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the Christchurch races when we first discussed teaming up with Gordy, a young Christchurch filmmaker. A couple of beers and a few more bets... The rest is history. On a more serious note, we'd been following Gordy's journey for quite some time when we finally approached him in 2019. No word of lie, this happened at the Christchurch races. Anyway, Gordy has been a crucial part of our success so we thought we'd share a little more about this great man through a recent interview. Here it is.


 Tell us a bit about yourself
I was born in Scotland and immigrated to New Zealand with my family when I was 5. I grew up on our high-country farm in North Canterbury riding motorbikes, hunting, playing rugby and helping Dad on the farm. I was sent to boarding school in Christchurch at the age of 8. Growing up I always enjoyed using the home video camera. When I was 12 I got a GoPro and began making ski and motorbike videos. For my 16th birthday I saved up and bought my first DLSR camera which was a Canon 60D. Over the next 4 years I continued creating little videos and taking photos. It wasn’t until i was shepherding on a farm up in North Canterbury where I really started to nail how to use a camera. I bought myself a drone and purchased a new Sony camera and that was when I truly fell in love with videography & photography. 


What's been the highlight of your journey so far?
Filming for South Pacific Helicopters. I was lucky enough to film two commercial videos with total creative freedom which was a dream. Being able to hang out of a helicopter while filming another helicopter flying along side us was out of this world. Also being able to fly an FPV drone while the helicopter was flying was the most nervous thing I’ve ever done in my life. But I would do it all again in a heart beat.
Tell us about life outside work.
My lifestyle out of work is pretty out going. I seem to be all over the place in different locations. You’ll find me in the hills with my motorbike, skiing in the winter, MTB, 4WD and adventuring, gyming, or more filming and improve my craft.
Provide some advice for up and coming filmmakers.
Learn the basics really well of how to film, whether that's how the camera operates, colour grading lighting etc. Filming and photography is an art so do create what you envision. Compositions is everything. How you frame your shot and tell a story from that one shot can tell so much and be so powerful. Also make sure to have fun with it.
What've you got in store over the next five years? What do the next five years look like for Gordon Duff?
Over the next 5 years I hope to take my film making to a really professional level in adventure films, commercials and take my FPV to a new level. I have dreams of some pretty high end cine cameras, which might break the bank account haha. I would love to spend some time overseas filming and traveling all going well. To also work with some brands like Red Bull, MonsRoyal etc.