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Have Your Bed Delivered on the Same Day You Move Into Your Student Flat!


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Why is Flatpack the #1 Bed for NZ Students?

It’s pretty simple! Flatpack was founded by 2 students in Dunedin on a mission to create both the most convenient & most affordable bed option for students.

Your Flatpack Student Bed will include:

A Plush, Supportive Queen-Size Mattress

A Beautiful, Solid Wood Bed Frame

... plus FREE Delivery the Same Day You Move In

...all from just $799!

(that’s less than half of what a similar-quality mattress normally costs and wayyy more convenient!)

Why Do Flatpack Beds Sell Out Each Year??


They Cost Way Less $$$

Beds are fricken expensive... you won’t find a better deal anywhere.


The Beds are Super Comfy (and Aesthetic!)

Over 5000 students can’t be wrong! 92% rated us 5-stars.


It’s Delivered for FREE on Your Move-In Day

We literally can’t make it any more convenient... and we’ve tried!

"Hands down the easiest and least stressful part of my move back to uni!”

Ella, Wellington

Order #3296

“So comfortable and easy to set up, for the price as well she's an easy 10/10"

Kieva, Dunedin

Order #1540

“From a Mum’s perspective a big concern was getting a bed for my son. You guys made it so easy, from answering my questions right through to delivery. The bed looks really great and I’m told it’s very comfy too! You guys did an amazing job, thank you so much.”

Karen - Mum, Dunedin

Order #4635

“One of the comfiest beds I’ve slept on, easy delivery on the day of arriving to the flat"

Patrick, Wellington

Order #2907


It’s easy as. Flatpack has been designed specifically to match the NZ student lifestyle... 100% flexible and easy going!


Order your Bed!

Place your order online using our student ordering website.

We have limited stock available - order soon to secure your bed!


Choose Your Delivery Date & Time (once you're ready)

Not sure you're exact move-in date or new address yet? No worries!

Just let us know a couple days before you move-in and we’ll be there to deliver your bed.


We Deliver On the Same Day You Move In, Guaranteed!

Move-in day can be hectic!

Luckily, our student drivers will deliver your bed at the time you've chosen, so you’ll have somewhere to sleep on that first night.

...Too Easy!

Have your best night’s sleep knowing Flatpack’s got your back... literally.

Get Started


Oh, yeah... did we mention how unbelievably comfy the beds are?

3 Dreamy, Affordable Bed Options

Choose from 3 great student bed options - all are Queen-sized and include our stylish wooden bed frames (available in Oak or White!).


No Questions-Asked Refunds!

Student situations can change, we get it!
So, whether you sign a furnished flat or drop out to become a Bali surf bum, you’re covered.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple...

Consider it a 100% risk-free purchase!

Change your mind before delivery?

No dramas. Cancel anytime for a full refund.

Already received your bed, but don’t love it?

Yep, you can still get a full refund up to 21 days after delivery!


We work hard to make sure every customer is satisfied. So far, we’ve had 92% of students give us a 5-Star Rating!

You can read every review we’ve received by clicking below.

“My flat pack bed came exactly as I rocked up to my new flat. Had a place to sleep on my first night... Thanks Flatpack crew!”

Jo, Auckland

Order #1635

Verified Buyer

"Super comfy and great service!"

Kate, Wellington

Order #4380

Verified Buyer

"100% recommend, super easy to set up and a massive bargain for the quality! Huge stress relief as well. Thanks guys!!"

Shayna, Dunedin

Order #3074

Verified Buyer

"The service was excellent. Having the option of being able to buy the bed even when I didn’t have a flat sorted was really awesome. All and all the idea and concept is great!"

Blair, Christchurch

Order #1749

Verified Buyer

“I had an awesome experience with you guys, having it delivered on the day I moved in without me needing a trailer or anything was so helpful & my flat mate and I figured out how to put it together easy enough. It’s super comfy too, stoked all round!”

Hannah, Christchurch

Order #2291

Verified Buyer

"Bed is going bloody well thanks. The service from you guys was unreal and I will be recommending it to everyone! Thanks again for being so onto it."

Sam, Auckland

Order #4387

Verified Buyer

"Service was excellent!! You guys are so nice and friendly. Super handy for flats that have tricky stairs as a lot of normal bed bases are too big to maneuver up stairs. Thanks so much!"

Lana, Dunedin

Order #2307

Verified Buyer

“The small packaging is a really good idea and pretty cool! The delivery was fast and efficient. I personally think the system you have is quite effective. I was also in contact with your support team who are friendly, quick to respond and very helpful!”

Tom, Christchurch

Order #979

Verified Buyer

"The service was awesome! The guy who delivered it was really nice and helpful. The bed is sooooo comfortable that I keep sleeping in and there’s plenty of room under it for underbed storage which is great.

Ashleigh, Wellington

Order #2039

Verified Buyer

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, we've got answers!

What's included? Do all the beds come with mattresses and bed-frames?

Yes, all our beds include a comfy Queen-size mattress and a sturdy hardwood bed frame that has been tested by 5,000+ NZ students.

Your purchase also includes free delivery guaranteed on the same day you move into your flat (by one of our student delivery drivers), as well as our No-Questions Asked Refunds policy.

Note - if you would like to purchase just the mattress or bed frame, please contact us at enquiries@theflatpack.co.nz

Are the beds comfortable? How do I know if they will be right for me?

We believe so, and so do the past 5,000+ NZ students who have trusted and love Flatpack! Hundreds of reviews have resulted in a whopping 92% 5-star rating! We encourage you to check all of our reviews out here!

You can choose between 3 great mattress options. All are built with inner springs and include varying degrees of extra foam for comfort and support. Your bed purchase will also include a sturdy hardwood bed frame, which has been tested and loved by over 4,000 NZ students. …well not yours, yours will be new!

Every purchase also comes with our no-questions asked refund. Sleep easy, knowing you’re covered either way.

What regions / universities do you deliver beds to?

All of them! Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Lincoln, and Dunedin.

We can deliver your bed on any day you schedule between 1st November*, 2023 and 1st March, 2024 (excluding public holidays).

*Deliveries are available in Auckland & Hamilton starting 5th Jan

When are student beds available for delivery?

We’ve extended our delivery period this year to cover most students summer plans! You can schedule your delivery for any day between 1st November*, 2023 and 1st March, 2024 (excluding public holidays).

*Deliveries are available in Auckland & Hamilton starting 5th Jan

If you're looking for delivery before 1st November, please contact us at enquiries@theflatpack.co.nz so we can try to help.

How do I select and order my bed? Do you have different options to choose from?

We offer 3 great mattress options to suit your budget, as well as 2 colour-choices for your frame (Natural Oak & White) to suit your bedroom vibes.

To see the 3 bed options, click any of the ‘Get Started’, ‘Order Now’, or ‘Sort Your Bed’ buttons on our website. This will take you to our easy to use Student Ordering site. Here you can select your location, choose your bed frame color and decide wheich mattress you want, plus add on anything else you might need, like bedside tables, mattress covers or duvets.

Can I try the beds before ordering? Do you offer free returns if I don't like the bed?

Absolutely! We bring the beds onto most NZ university campuses in August and September for students to try before they buy. If you want to know when these dates are, please contact us at enquiries@theflatpack.co.nz.

Missed us? Try it at home! Every purchase comes with a no-questions asked refund policy. Therefore, if you don’t love the bed after sleeping on it for a couple weeks you can let us know and we’ll give you a full refund (return up to 21 days after your bed delivery).

What if I don’t know where I’ll be living yet (or when I’ll be moving in)? 

When you order your bed, you can leave all of your delivery details blank!

This means you can enjoy a $100 discount by ordering before 1st October, and sleep easy over summer knowing your bed is sorted.

Then once you’re ready, just let us know where and when you want your bed delivered and we’ll be there!

Do you sell beds (and other furniture) for non-students as well?

We do! With the success of Flatpack Student Beds over the past 4 years, many people who’s uni days are behind them have reached out!

So, in 2022 we opened the doors to everyone and expanded our product range to offer affordable luxurious bedroom furniture to all New Zealanders, year-round.

You can shop The Flatpack Co here: www.theflatpack.co.nz

I’ve already ordered my bed, now I’ve signed a flat, so I need to schedule my delivery. How do I do this?

We’re here to help! Firstly, find the email we sent you titled ‘Update my delivery details’. Now click the link in this email to update your delivery address and schedule a day and time for delivery. If you’re still having troubles, please contact us at enquiries@theflatpack.co.nz... we’ll set you right.

Note that the delivery date is 100% flexible from your end. These details can be left blank until 4pm the day before you want the bed delivered, and you can update it multiple times if your plans change

How are the beds so affordable?

All of our beds are designed specifically for students. This means we have cut out any middlemen, we only bring in the bed selection students want, order everything in bulk, land shipping containers right in the middle of campuses and only employ students to deliver the beds. A true NZ student brand through and through.

This means you save thousands off of retail store mattress prices (and yours includes a bed frame, free delivery the day you move in, and no-questions asked refunds if you change your mind).

Do I own the bed, or is it some sort of a rental?  Can I take the bed with me when I move to my next flat?

You own the bed, it is 100% yours my friend... keep it! Which means you can take it to your next flat and sleep easy on it there. In fact, the beds have been designed for this unique student situation. The frame is easy to disassemble in minutes, and it can be easily set up again in the new location.

Also, if you lose any small parts during your move… we’ll replace them straight away for FREE!

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Our Story

Two great mates who met on the cold streets of North Dunedin, with a passion (like a lot of 19-year-old lads) for sleeping, struck up a conversation about the lack of affordable comfort for students, and from there, The FlatPack Co was born.

Loved By 5,000+ Students!

Our student beds are loved by thousands of kiwi students across the country. With seamless delivery and at an unbeatable price point, it's easy to see why our offering has become a household name among student flats.

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