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The FlatPack Co. was founded in 2018 by two Cumberland College (University of Otago) hall residents struggling to organise beds for their flats. They had no time, no transport and certainly didn’t have a spare $1,500 to buy a new bed, so both resorted to a dusty throwaway via Otago Flatting goods. As stressed as Dunedin freshers come, they came up with a solution that would pave the way for future students and remove much of the admin. The FlatPack was born.

A More Affordable Bed, Delivered Conveniently.

When Angus & Cam launched The FlatPack in 2018, no one in the furniture space was looking after the student. It seemed obvious and still does, a bed delivered to the student on the same day they move into their flat. After finding a supplier, the boys set up a website, bought their first van and got stuck in!

Nationwide Expansion

A Few Years On…

We’ve learnt a thing or two over the past few years and are constantly looking to improve the service we offer to make it even easier for students going flatting. We’re working on a few things behind the scenes which we hope to launch in 2021 as additional offerings. We have about 1,500 students currently sleeping on beds from The FlatPack and we are absolutely stoked with the feedback from all of you. Students helping students, it’s what we do!

Beyond student beds, founders Angus & Cam are looking to take The FlatPack Co. into the young professionals market nationwide. This is currently in the pipeline and the whole team is really excited!