If you don't like the bed or don't find it comfortable please get in touch and we'll provide a full refund + collect the bed. Note you have 21 days from delivery to make a claim.

Yes of course! We have a ‘no questions asked’ refund policy on all student beds which you can learn more about here. Simply get in touch with our team if you require a refund.

If you require a refund, please get in contact with our team via enquiries@theflatpack.co.nz

Refunds will be processed straight away but typically take 5-10 business days to arrive back into the customers bank account.


Every student purchase made at The FlatPack includes delivery on the same day you move into your flat! All deliveries are completed by our in house delivery team.

Yes, all orders include free delivery on the same day you move into your flat.

Delivery details can be updated through your order confirmation email as well as the reminder emails which begin being sent 60 days out from the first available delivery. Alternatively get in contact with one of our tea members who will help you out.

Our student delivery window is 5th Jan - 1st March 2022. If you'd like your bed delivered in 2021, please touch base with our team as we may be able to accommodate you.

Try Before I Buy

Yes you can. We have display days at university campus' throughout the year. Keep an eye out for these as you'll be able to come and try out one of our beds before making your purchase!

We'll announce display days on social media. Hit like/follow on Facebook & Instagram to stay up to date.

No we don't. To keep prices as low as possible for customers, we don't have a physical store.

Differences Between Beds

- The FlatPack Bed is a bonnell spring mattress whilst The Middle Man & The Golden Child are both pocket spring mattresses.

- The FlatPack Bed has less foam padding on top of the mattress and is simply egg foam padding.

- The Middle Man is finished with high density memory foam on top of the mattress.

- The Golden Child is finished with plush euro top padding for ultimate comfort.

Yes, each beds comes with the same base. The difference between each one is the mattress.

Other Common Questions

We now have more than 1,500 customers sleeping on our beds and have had an unbelievable response over the past couple of years. Customers are finding the quality very good, especially for the price they are paying.

All tools required to build the frame are included in your package. A drill can be used to speed up the process but is no means required.

We have minimal costs beyond purchasing the products from the manufacturer. This means the price the customer pays is as low as they'll find anywhere else in the market place.