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Why Do Flatpack Beds Sell Out Each Year??


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If You Miss Out....

Here’s What You Get to Look Forward To!

An Expenny Trip to the Mattress Store

Please join us in a moment of silence for your wallet...

...what’s so wrong?

  • They cost THOUSANDS
  • “Delivery in 5-10 days”... enjoy O-Week on the couch!
  • Need a bed frame? That’ll be extra, thanks.

A Nasty Secondhand Bed from TradeMe

Of all things to get 2nd hand... mattress has to one of the worst..!?

...what’s so wrong?

  • It’s gross. Why are we even talking about this...?
  • Spend hours scrolling Marketplace and driving around town
  • No trailer? Have fun getting that saggy P.O.S. home


Ordering From Flatpack Before They Sell Out!

The most affordable AND the most convenient option!

...why do 5,000+ students love Flatpack?

  • Super comfy and high-quality beds for hundreds less.
  • Delivered FREE on the same day you move in, guaranteed!
  • No questions-asked refunds. It’s a 100% risk-free purchase.

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